Extra Soothing Balm

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What it is: A dense, concentrated balm designed to be used anywhere extra moisturization is needed—on lips, cuticles or even heels.


Who it's for: It's suitable for anyone who wants targeted treatment for extra-dry spots.

Why it's different: Packed with avocado and plant extracts for immediate hydration and a blend of geranium and rosemary oils to calm and soothe, this balm looks, feels and smells incredible.

How to use: Warm the balm in between hands and smooth over clean, dry skin. It can also be used as a spot treatment for extra-dry areas or over makeup for a subtle glow.

Pro tips: Perfect makeup starts with smooth, healthy, glowing skin. In addition to helping skin look fresher and more vibrant instantly, Bobbi Brown skin care products work like a pre-makeup primer. The skin’s condition changes on a daily basis due to factors like stress, diet and sleep. It’s important to continuously look at the skin to see what it needs. You can also create options in your skin care routine by layering moisturizer.