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almond brow pencil - perfect

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Sweet almond oil protects hairs and nourishes the skin underneath and surrounding your brows. Made to perfect your brows, this pencil is unique in its formulation and smooth finish. Fill in gaps with light application of this pencil – your eyebrows will look better, but in a natural way. Features an inbuilt grooming brush to tame fly-away hairs and neaten brows. They say that eyebrows frame the face, so give yours the right attention with our perfect natural pencil. One light neutral brown-stone shade that will suit everyone.


How to Apply:

1. Sharpen your pencil with our fab eco duo sharpener.

2. Taking the sharpened end of the pencil, gently fill in any gaps in your eyebrows, starting at the end above the inner eye.

3. Smooth out the look of the eyebrow from inner eye to arch (in line with the far side of the iris.)

4. Next, use a lighter application of the pencil to repeat the process where the brow curves to the end of hair growth.

5. We recommend cautious application, comparing both eyebrows as you progress for consistency.

6. Smooth & set brows with a conditioning layer of aloe gel lash & brow mascara