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arnica all-cover pot

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The ultimate must-have for your makeup bag, we (humbly) think this is the best all-cover foundation & concealer in one, to instantly even skin tone & camouflage imperfections. Offering a medium to full coverage, this unique cream formula allows for adjustable coverage, without caking - no creases here! An everyday nourishing concealer that has skincare properties, containing natural arnica with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to calm inflamed areas and encourages your skin to heal. Also covers hyperpigmentation and inconsistencies in skin tone. Can be worn all over as a foundation for smooth, natural and flawless skin. You won’t leave home without your all-cover pot!


We are a truly sustainable brand, this means we make decisions for the earth. When we update products, we like to sell all stock on hand rather than creating unnecessary waste. So, for a little while, you may receive an arnica concealer instead of an arnica all-cover pot. The only difference is the new name! We’ve made the decision to offer the old and new named concealers for a transition period of only a few months. We innovate for a better beauty industry & we hope you appreciate whichever arnica concealer you receive.

How to Apply:

1. As a concealer Use our eco vegan lip & conceal brush for best cover up results.

2. The small end is for covering up, the flat end is designed for larger areas of uneven skin tone. Blend in with your fingertips.

  1. Apply concealer in smooth lines under the eyes and on trouble areas or visible blemishes or skin variation.

  2. Blend lightly around the edges of applied concealer.

  3. As a foundation For all over cover, use Eco Vegan Multipurpose Brush.