Clean Sole Foot Scrubber

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For clean and smooth skin, this detachable foot scrubber and pumice stone gently cleanse and exfoliate feet. Hands-free design allows for easy grooming.

Tool Tips:

  1. Attach the foot scrubber to a clean, smooth floor.
  2. Use bristles on wet skin with cleanser or soap. Massage foot back and forth against bristle fibers to gently scrub and cleanse feet.
  3. Exfoliate feet to remove rough calluses and dead skin with the pumice stone as needed. Soak hardened skin prior to exfoliation to soften.
  4. Air dry foot scrubber and pumice stone separately.


  • Designed to attach to most, smooth shower and bath floors for hands-free use while standing up or sitting down.
  • Durable fibers are easy to clean and gentle for every day use.
  • The dettachable pumice stone removes calluses to reveal softer and smoother soles.
  • Pumice stone is made of recyled glass material.


Wash the foot scrubber and pumice stone with soap and water after every use. Air dry scrubber and stone separately.