Cuticle Pushy

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Cuticle Pushy safely pushes back cuticles and cleans under nails. This professional quality pushy is designed for quality self-care.

Tool Tips:

  1. Start by rubbing moisturizer or cuticle cream into clean nails and hands to gently soften skin and cuticles.
  2. Use flat edge to carefully push back cuticles.
  3. Use curved edge to clean around and under nails.


  • Use the flat end of the pushy to push back cuticles and the rounded end to clean under fingernails
  • Thin, hand-buffed edges prevent scratching of the nail for a gentle touch when tending to cuticles
  • Textured body provides a secure grip and is great for both manicures and pedicures
  • Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean
Disinfect tool ends with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use. Tool can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide.