Discipline Oléo-Curl Hair Cream

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Anti-frizz hair cream makes curly hair feel smoother, supple & more defined.

  • Relaxes curly hair.
  • Smooths frizzy hair.
  • Delivers optimal hair nourishment.
How to Use: On towel-dried hair, apply Oléo-Curl and spread downwards on lengths and ends, using the fingers to gently relax curls. Leave in and style as desired. On dry hair after styling as a second-day touch-up, smooth Oléo-Curl over lengths and ends, pushing curls up to reshape. Leave in and style as desired.

"The most important thing when enhancing curls and minimizing frizz is intentional application. We tend to apply to the surface that we see and forget the rest. Section hair in half by placing pointer fingers on top of ears and sliding them across the scalp until they meet in the center back. Using a clip or pony, secure the top. Place a quarter size amount of Oleo Curl Cream into palm. Massage hands together so that the product is evenly coating your hands. Now run your hands through entire bottom section. If you run out, your hair is thirsty, don’t be afraid to apply a little more in the same manner. Release the top section and repeat. Don’t forget the front hairline where the frizz is the most noticeable. The result is smooth, frizz-free, bouncy curls!"