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Duet Concealer Brush

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An expertly designed, dual-ended concealer brush that applies product seamlessly for an airbrushed look. 

The "COVER" end makes it easy to pick up and place the appropriate amount of concealer/color corrector product with precision.  

The fluffy "BUFF" end allows for a smooth diffusing of concealer/color corrector into the skin.

Key Features:

  • Use with cream, liquid, powder, wand or stick formulas
  • Perfect for precision application and blending & buffing

More To Know

For Daily Cleansing- follow the directions as described by your daily brush cleanser.

For Deep Cleansing- Suggested 1-2 x per week depending on your usage. 

  1. Dispense small amount of gentle shampoo onto brush fibers.
  2. Add water to activate
  3. Swirl brush in hand or on a silicone brush cleaning mat.
  4. Rinse brush well until water runs clean.
  5. Squeeze excess water from the brushes then gently reshape brush head and lay flat to dry on a towel overnight.


How To Use
    • Apply concealer/color corrector using the "COVER" end of the brush wherever you would like to conceal with precision.
    • With circular motions, use the "BUFF" end to blend and diffuse the look of your concealer/color corrector to soften the edges for a natural looking finish.