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eco vegan all-beauty brush

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The eco vegan all-beauty brush is a new addition to our universally loved range of eco-beauty tools. This brush has you covered for powders, highlighters, contour and cream blushes. Its sleek tapered design makes it perfect for precise color application while being soft enough for broad powder strokes. The handles of all Ere Perez brushes are made from renewable and biodegradable corn resin and the bristles are feather soft nylon - a more hygienic vegan alternative to animal hair. The eco vegan all-beauty brush takes care of all your beauty needs while fitting comfortably into your on-the-go makeup bag. It is the perfect applicator for our tapioca cheek colors and carrot color pots - delivering instant natural color to cheeks and a sweep of vibrancy to eyes. Top off your look with a healthy glow with our Vanilla highlighter - an Ere Perez classic - delicately applied with the all-beauty brush. The eco vegan all-beauty brush is also the perfect applicator for our corn translucent powder, designed to control shine.


How to Use


  1. Pick up color pigments (whether cream or powder) easily by pressing the eco vegan all-beauty brush into the pot or palette.

  2. Dab or brush colour onto skin.

  3. Buff and blend out for a natural finish.

  4. Wash and dry well before next use.