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eco vegan line & blend brush

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Get precise color application on your lash line and brows using the thin slanted end of the eco vegan line & blend brush. The tight-packed bristles allow you to make eyeliner from powder, cream and liquid products so you can achieve any look you want. The blend side of the brush is deliciously soft and fluffy - perfect for a wash of color in your crease or blending out eye colors to prevent any harsh transitions. All Ere Perez brushes are vegan and cruelty-free replacing animal bristles with soft, hygienic nylon bristles suitable for sensitive skin. The handle for this brush is made from corn resin, a sustainable alternative to petroleum based plastic that is both renewable and biodegradable.
Pair with the chamomile eye palette with six shades of natural color or experiment with different lash line colors with our carrot color pots! Complete your eye brush and tools set with the eco vegan smudge & shade brush and the spectacular eyelash curler.


How to Use

  1. Use the line side to pick up cream or powder colour

  2. Apply directly above your lash line

  3. Add a wing at the outer corner for more of a cat-eye look

  4. Pair with the eco vegan smudge & shade brush to feather out the eyeline for a smokey effect

  5. Use the blend side of the brush to pick up eye shadow colour

  6. Blend into your eye crease to add depth and colour to your eye

  7. Use the blend side to buff out any harsh lines in your eye look