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Escentric Discovery Set - 8.5ml

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The Escentric 8.5ml Discovery Set, designed to invoke a sense of freedom and exploration, is adventure-ready by design and allows you to experience every part of the Escentric puzzle before choosing your favourite piece. The fragrances are housed in 8.5ml, party-friendly vessels, shrunken-down for you to try, travel with and take on a night out. The Escentric fragrances highlight the unique character of the aroma-molecule with ingredients chosen to bring out the molecule's key facets.

Escentric 01: Cult-scented Formula
Escentric 02: Sparkling Freshness
Escentric 03: Arboreal Concoction
Escentric 04: Hazy Fantasy
Escentric 05: Deconstructed Mediterranea

All five Escentric fragrances are brimming with character and unbeholden to gender distinctions, marking nature's beauty through fresh interpretations of much-loved notes.