Glow & Go Facial Set

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Bring the spa home. This limited edition set includes 3 daily facial skincare essentials to cleanse, melt away tension and instantly boost your glow.

How to Use:

-Ocean Cleanser (5 oz)
Apply to damp face and rinse with warm water.

-Dayglow Face Oil (1 oz)
After cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps to the face to provide a smooth base for gua sha facial massage.

-Gua Sha Sculptor
Step 1: Begin at the neck and work your way up in long, gentle strokes.
Step 2: Using the notched side of the Gua Sha, glide along the jawline and chin in outward motions.
Step 3: Rotate your Gua Sha to align with the natural contours of your cheeks and forehead, then sweep outwards towards the hairline.
Step 4: Finish by using the corners of your Gua Sha tool to relieve tension at pressure points on the jaw, temples and cheekbones.