Elixir Ultime Le Bain Shampoo

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Versatile nourishing oil shampoo that provides ultimate shine and hair nourishment.

  • Promotes long lasting shiny hair.

  • Creates smooth hair.

  • Delivers essential nutrition for healthy hair.

How to Use: Massage a quarter size amount of Bain Elixir Ultime throughout wet hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly.

"My pro tip for using this shampoo is to first begin with saturating the hair and rinsing it very well with warm water. This will help to break down any product or environmental build-up. Then, to follow with the first round of shampoo. The first round will break down and remove all product/environmental buildup. So don’t expect too much lather at this point; the shampoo is absorbing the congestion. However, it is possible at this point to add a palm full of water to help distribute the shampoo, as well as provide a bit of lather. Rinse thoroughly. Next, repeat with a second round to deliver the nutrition complex and shine properties. You’ll notice on the second application that there won’t be as much shampoo needed as with the first application. "