Trish McEvoy

Light and Lift Eye Shadow Palette IV

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Effortlessly transition your eye look for brighter days with Trish's limited-edition, universally flattering, nine-color eyeshadow wardrobe.

A celebration of Trish's iconic textures and tones, this irresistible spectrum illuminates eyes for a perfect glow that will take you from naturally radiant to glamorously irresistible. Start your day eye look with neutral shades of Classic or Glaze Eyeshadow. Then, channel a golden hour glow after the sun goes down with Trish's metallic Brilliant Eyeshadows. Plus, two Eye Definer shades work double-duty as a richly pigmented liner or a deep shadow. All essential shades are organized in an eco-friendly refillable palette.

- Classic Eyeshadow in Soft Peach (bright pale peach), Ginger (warm brown) and Raspberry (vivid magenta)
- Glaze Eyeshadow in White Peach (peach champagne) and Tawny (warm taupe)
- Brilliant Eyeshadow in Bronze (deep golden bronze) and Starry Gold (scintillating light gold)
- Eye Definer in Rich Brown (deep warm brown) and Deep Aubergine (dark burgundy)