Ligne Blackstar Eyeliner

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Product Overview

Precise lining and performing formula come together in this waterproof and vegan liquid pen eyeliner. Developed with a soft-tip applicator, this eyeliner offers easy and precise application, allowing for buildable thickness and flawless lining. It provides an extra black glossy finish with full coverage that's smudge-proof and transfer-proof.

Its travel-friendly and easy-to-handle packaging makes it ideal for beginners. The 'Capillary System' Technology ensures the release of the perfect amount of formula for maximum control during application. You can achieve both thin and thick lines by adjusting the pressure on the soft-tip applicator.


The waterproof and vegan formula is enriched with high-purity carbon black pigments and a blend of film-forming agents to ensure a long-lasting deep black result.

  • The HIGH PURITY CARBON BLACK PIGMENTS guarantee a dramatically bold and true black impact.
  • The MIX OF FILM-FORMING AGENTS has adhesive properties and makes the ink ultra-flexible to ensure a long-lasting hold throughout the day.