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Molecule 01 + Mandarin Eau de Toilette 100ml

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Countless fragrance lovers have fallen for the almost irresistible pull of Molecule 01, which featured the subtly warm and velvety aromachemical Iso E Super to cocoon the wearer in a near-invisible aura of chic and seductive scent. M+ is the continuation of perfumer Geza Schoen's gift for impactful minimalism, an imagining of a unforgettable dance between Iso E Super and just one other beautiful, carefully chosen ingredient.

Molecule 01 + Mandarin is a brilliantly simple pairing that launches off the skin from the first spray with the instant hit of vibrant, zesty, natural mandarin orange in all its mouthwatering aromatic juiciness. A touch of synthetic magic keeps the juiciness alive as Iso E Super's woodsiness emerges, a rare meeting between top and base notes with no intermediary, coaxing unexpected woodiness from the citrus and intriguing sweetness from the woodsy aromachemical. As the mandarin fades, M01 lovers are left with a delightfully subtle variation of the original classic, a woodsy cocoon still glowing with a light kiss of citrus. Spray M01 + Mandarin on and try not to smile- we dare you.