Nail Addict Premium Artificial Nail Set - Cherry Red

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A must-have for everyone! Experience timeless and tested sexy nail vibes with the Ardell Nail Addict Colored Nail Set Cherry Red. Turn the heat up with this gorgeous nail set’s fiery and feisty color and sensual shape. Sweet and deadly! Get away with anything with these bad babies on. They’ll know it’s you but what can they do when they’ve already fallen hopelessly in love?


  • Classic Cherry Red: So hot! Get down on it with the Ardell Nail Addict Colored Nail Set Cherry Red! You simply can’t go wrong with its classic cherry red color on passionate long almond nails. Graced with a super lustrous gloss finish for maximum glam looks! The ONLY false nail choice for that sexy cocktail dress you laid out for tonight. Go out and get yours, girl!
  • Rich Nail Color: Play your way with endless color choices! You know what you want and we’re here to give it to you! The Nail Addict Colored set gives you the most vibrant and richest shades and tones that give you a pretty nail game for any occasion. Express yourself in more ways than one and let everyone just how you feel inside!
  • It’s All Right Here: Pop open a pack and get started right away. The Ardell Nail Addict Colored Nail Set Cherry Red is your simple solution if you need hot, sexy nails ASAP! Each set includes 24 sizzling Cherry Red nails, a bottle of Ardell Professional Glue, a mini nail file, and a manicure stick. No more running around to get everything you need!
  • Fast and Easy False Nails: Be your very own nail pro with the Ardell Nail Addict Colored Nail Set Cherry Red! Get excellent results effortlessly. Just follow a few simple steps and you’re off to a night of glitz and glam with nails so divine! Every application lasts up to over a week of worry-free wear.

How to Use:

1. Clean and lightly buff nail.
2. Select a nail tip that fits your natural nail.
3. Apply a thin layer of glue to natural nail.
4. Place nail tip over natural nail and hold firmly for 10 - 15 seconds.
If needed, file nails to desired length and shape.

Soak in acetone polish remover until adhesive dissolves. Do not break or peel off nails.