Nail Brush & Callus Stone

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Dual-sided Nail Brush and Callus Stone gently cleanses nails and removes calluses from hands and feet.
Tool Tips:
Use Brush side, wet or dry, to clean hands, feet, and under nails. Gently brush back and forth to remove dirt.
Use stone side to remove rough, hardened skin and calluses. Soak to prep and help soften hard skin. While skin is still soft and damp, exfoliate skin.
For a deep cleaning, use with warm, soapy water.


Dual sided nail brush removes dirt and impurities for clean healthy nails.
Callus stone effectively removes hardened skin and is made of recycled glass material.
Ergonomic shape for added comfort and control.
Recycled glass stone and synthetic bristles are gentle on nails, durable and reusable.


Wash with warm water and soap after each use. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry.