Naked Lashes 431

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  • Lightweight Lash Magic: No bulky heaviness! Get a light and airy lash boost with the Ardell Naked Lashes 431. Fitted with the right length and volume and a multi-layer look that blends right into your lash line.

    Classic Silhouette: Get a timeless, doe-eyed delightful look with Ardell’s Naked Lashes 431. Features a classic round shape that opens up your eyes bigger and brighter. Like stars shining in the evening sky, no one will be able to look away.

    Rich Texture: Super soft and luxurious! The Ardell Naked Lashes 431 feels like a dream. Finely tapered lash tips that look the same as your natural lashes. A smooth, velvety finish that is soft to the touch. Simply irresistible, spellbinding with every flutter of your eyes. Try on these lightweight falsies today and feel a brand new experience your old lashes can't give you.

    Invisible Falsies Fit: Keep ‘em guessing! The Ardell Naked Lashes 431 gives you a clean, long hold fit with Invisiband® lash bands. This technology gives you a secure, comfortable, and invisible lash line. A look and feel so real, you might believe you’re born with them!

  • Easy 3 Step Application: 1.

    Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.

    2. Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds to set.

    3. Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.