Nova 15% Vitamin C + Turmeric Brightening Serum

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A potent brightening serum that combines the clinical strength of 15% THD vitamin C with super root turmeric to visibly improve dark spots and even skin tone while being gentle on skin.

Recommended for: NOVA is suitable for all skin.

Target concerns:
+ Dullness
+ Dark Spots
+ Uneven Skin Tone

NOVA is powered by THD vitamin C—a highly efficacious, oil-soluble ingredient that deeply penetrates the skin to brighten dark spots and improve hyperpigmentation. At a potent level of 15%, this treatment gives skin an immediate boost of radiance and significantly brightens skin in seven days. Best yet, the powerful formula is gentle on sensitive skin, so everyone can enjoy its incredible benefits.

A key ingredient in NOVA is antioxidant-rich super root turmeric which gives this serum a ginger-like smell that fades upon application. Like all of our products, NOVA is 100% natural and made without any added fragrances.

Clinical results:
In a blind use test on 65 men and women (ages 25-59 yrs), participants reported the following results after 7 days of twice-daily use: 

  • Brighter skin in 7 days
  • No new breakouts
  • No irritation

Scent: Turmeric, ginger-like
Texture: Silky, creamy
Color: Pale yellow