Level Pro 3.0

Option 5 in 1 Complete Styler

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LEVEL PRO 3.0 Professional OPTION 5 Complete 5 in 1 Styler provides endless possibilities to your styling needs for all hair types and textures. Built in Ion Generator release negative Ions to reduce static flyaway and provides exceptional shine.

3 Adjustable heat settings allow you to customize. Low temperature and low air for gentle styling, high temperature and high air for quicker styling and cool setting to lock in all your styles.

5 interchangeable attachments including Hair Dryer Attachment, Oval Paddle Brush, Blow Out Brush, Curl Diffuser and Straightening Comb.

Hair Dryer Attachment provides round even wind flow for perfect dryer and styling.

Oval Paddle Brush provides control for smoother styles.

Blow Out Brush with nylon bristle and pin creates volume and fullness.

Curl Diffuser defines natural curls reducing frizz and flyaway.

Straightening Comb to smooth texture hair for better styling.