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Peppermint Scented Hand Cream & Lip Balm Set

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  • PEPPERMINT: a fresh, minty, and quite uplifting scent that is a favorite throughout the year. Dionis’s peppermint is designed to be both calming and invigorating.
  • BIGGER AND BETTER: Twice the size of a standard lip balm, Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Lip Balm is the whole package. With all 100% natural ingredients, we infuse our beeswax with Goat Milk, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil to repair chapped lips and keep moisture in.
  • HEALTHY HANDS: The Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Hand Cream nourishes and conditions skin without leaving a greasy residue. It’s perfect for soothing dry and cracked skin without creating an uncomfortable slippery surface for your hands.
  • WHY GOAT MILK: Goat milk is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, iron, and lots of vitamins. It has a pH nearly the same as human skin that allows our product to easily absorbed into human skin with no greasy residue, keeping you moisturized and nourished.
  • FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE: Dionis products are dermatologist tested, cruelty-free paraben-free, sulfate-free, and made in the USA. For extra sensitive skin, they have unscented options as well. Feel good about feeling good with Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Products.