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Purest Tanning Mousse

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Purest Tanning Mousse is formulated using over 97% certified organic and naturally derived ingredients to provide you with a natural-looking tan within minutes.

Infused with Cocoa, Papaya and Pomegranate extracts, this nourishing formula rejuvenates your skin while your tan develops. It is both quick-drying and delicately fragrant.


Light to medium skin tones.


Dermatologically tested. Made from 97% organic and naturally derived.


5+ applications


How to Use:

1. Shake well before use. Apply moisturiser liberally to your hands and feet, paying particular attention to your ankles and wrists.

2. Pump your Purest Tanning Mousse onto your Loving Tan Applicator Mitt. Using circular motions, apply mousse directly to your body, blending as you go to ensure even coverage. Allow 60 seconds before dressing.

3. Using your Purest Face Tanning Serum, spread the serum evenly with fingertips over face and neck. Blend lightly into the hairline, avoiding eyes. Ensure to wash your hands, fingers, and nails immediately after application with warm soapy water.

4. Avoid perspiration and water for six to eight hours while your tan develops.

5. After six to eight hours, rinse the tinted colour guide off in the shower. Your tan will continue to darken and develop for up to 24 hours, revealing a gorgeous, natural-looking tan.

6. For an enhanced result, apply the Purest Tanning Lotion to your body in smoothing movements with your Loving Tan Applicator Mitt 24 hours after rinsing off your mousse. Apply the lotion sparingly to dry areas such as feet, ankles, knees, hands and elbows. Your tan will continue to darken and develop for up to 24 hours.

Application tip: For best results, apply to clean, dry and exfoliated skin.