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Seaweed Whipped Scalp Scrub

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Gentle on scalp yet powered to purify, this whipped, airy scrub clears the way for a healthy-looking, balanced, hair and scalp. Infused with Dead Sea Salt and a trio of nutrient-rich seaweeds, it promotes an optimal scalp environment by drawing out impurities like dirt, excess oil, and buildup to refresh + invigorate. Plus, it imparts a polished look and soft brilliance that will leave hair “floating on seashine.” Responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.


• Dead Sea Salt buffs away dead skin cells.
• Infused with Royal Sugar Kelp, Pacific Sea Kelp, and Green Microalgae.
• Promotes an optimal scalp environment.
• Made from 96% naturally derived ingredients.* Vegan.
• Responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.**