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Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist

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Convenience in a can; choose the shade of tan to suit you with St. Tropez's most advanced self tan formulation and express 360° application. The Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist is a lightweight mist that delivers an all-over airbrushed glow. Choose when to shower off the tinted bronzer (guide color) to reveal the glow that's just right for you: 1 hour = light glow, 2 hours = medium tan, 3 hours = deepest, darkest tan.

Make sure waxing is completed 24 hours prior to any self-tan application to ensure a perfect even finish. Use a wet cleansing wipe/cloth immediately after self-tan application to prevent unwanted staining on the nails and palms. Decide which shade you require by showering within the first three hours.

When you take your first shower, just rinse and refrain from using any shower/bath products. When tanning the face, spray a small amount directly onto a mitt and evenly apply to the skin stopping just before the hairline. Protect light hair with a little moisturizer if necessary. Easiest way to apply and to keep your palms clean is by using the tan applicator mitt. Apply directly onto the mitt and using long sweeping strokes apply the finishing gloss to where ever desired.