Shush Me Again

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Creamy Opaque Nude

Dr. Cary was enjoying an outdoor songwriters’ concert with some friends who had liberally consumed some adult cocktails. They were having the kind of fun people have at outdoor songwriters’ concerts. Adult cocktail-induced giggling happened. A few folks in front of Dr. Cary and her friends repeatedly turned around and ’shushed’ them. Except, when they ’shushed,’ they were looking right at Dr. Cary (who happened to be guiltless in this scenario), rather than at her friends who were the guilty gigglers. Finally, Dr. Cary reached her limit. The next time the  ’shushers’ turned around to shush her, Dr. Cary leaned forward and loudly said,”Shush me again, and see what happens. Go ahead. Do it. Shush me ONE MORE TIME.” She hasn’t been ‘shushed' since. #gangsta


  • Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Vegan
  • Made WITHOUT 
    • Parabens
    • Sulfates
    • Formaldehyde
    • Formaldehyde resin
    • Camphor
    • Dibutyl phthalate
    • Toluene
    • Triphenyl phosphate
    • Xylene
    • Bismuth oxychloride
    • Ethyl tosylamide
    • Methylisothiazolinone
    • Hydroquinone monomethyl ether
    • Plant derivatives
  • Chip-resistant, super shiny, long-lasting
  • Made in the USA