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St. Tropez Head To Toe Kit

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Get a combinations of the best tanning lotions out there with the St. Tropez Head to Toe Kit. This convenient, travel-ready kit includes everything you need to not only get the tan you love, but to completely customize your tan and enjoy complete, full hydration in the process. The kit includes two critical products that help you harness your best tan from head to toe.

The first part is the kit?s Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. This is the product that handles tanning on most of your body, including legs, arms, hands, feet, belly and every other area that could use a good, golden tan. After a good, thorough exfoliation, this rich mousse spreads across the skin and creates a gradually-deepening tan that blends perfectly with any skin tone.

The second part is the Self Tan Express Sheet Mask, which gives your face a matching tan to the rest of your body. The sheet mask goes on like any other sheet mask and infuses your skin with a dose of natural-looking, sun-kissed tan.