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Discover your favorite Trish McEvoy brushes, now available in a mini size perfectly tailored for your on-the-go and travel needs.

Each Brush varies between 4" - 5"
What It Is:
Discover your favorite Trish McEvoy brushes, now available in a mini size perfectly tailored for your on-the-go and travel needs. Immerse yourself in the luxury of impeccably soft and cruelty-free bristles that elevate every stroke to a masterpiece of flawless beauty. Glide effortlessly through stippling, blending, buffing, or lining with the gentle touch of these lavish bristles. This limited-edition set is more than a collection; it's an invitation to experience makeup application as an art form.

What It Does:
Indulge in the opulence of a brush set that not only enhances your beauty but also aligns with your ethical values. Luxuriate in the flawless application made possible by Trish McEvoy's cruelty-free bristles, and let your makeup routine become a daily ritual of elegance and perfection. The ultimate brush wardrobe awaits, ready to transform your beauty journey into an exquisite masterpiece.

What's Included: 
  • Mini 54 Va Va Voom Smudge: Effortlessly diffuses under eyeliner and shadow to give you the perfect smokey eye effect  
  • Mini 48 Sculpt & Blend: Precisely applies blush or sculpts the face with a targeted application of bronzer and highlight. The soft, tapered point guides your application, diffusing as it blends for a smooth, effortless application. 
  • Mini 23 Petite Angled Crease Contour: This two-in-one eye shadow brush features a flat side to expertly press shadow into place and a tear-shaped tip to deliver precise crease contour. The full, beveled head allows you to pick up, deposit, and blend the perfect amount of shadow for your desired level of color and coverage.
  • Mini 50 Angled Eye Lining: Makes it easy for anyone to expertly line and wing their eyes. The precision-cut head lays down a flawless flick and guides you to shape the perfect wing for an elongated, uplifted eye.
  • Mini 66 Cream Blender: Seamlessly applies and blends any cream and liquid products. The firm, flat head, and precisely cut dome conforms to contours, making it ideal for brightening above and below the eye, spot correcting, and ensuring flawless coverage around the nose.
  • Mini Brush 67: Correct, Smudge, Define - Your go-to tool for flawlessly correcting imperfections and effortlessly achieving defined eye looks. This versatile brush effortlessly applies coverage to blemishes, ensuring a smooth finish and adding subtle definition to your eyes with ease.
  •  Mini Brush M20 Face Blender: Designed to perfectly apply blush, bronzer, and powder products. The soft yet dense luxurious flat top - bristles allow for the pigment to be pressed into the skin leaving you with the perfect airbrush finish. Blend, buff, and diffuse with ease for a smooth natural complexion. 
  • Travel Brush Pouch: Safeguard your mini luxe brushes within, ensuring their bristles stay protected while on the go. Compact and stylish, this pouch is your ideal companion for jet-setting adventures, and functionality that belongs in your travel repertoire.